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One team
One mission
One hour
In a team of 3 to 5 people, your teammates and you are trapped in a room. You have one hour to complete your mission, and manage to escape!
Observe, think, cooperate and succeed...
You only can set yourselves free.
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A centuries-old myth tells the story of a Cannibal Wizard. According to that myth, he hid a fabulous treasure in the middle of a sanctuary on an island lost in the pacific.
After years of research, famous archeologist Marc Haulabois finally finds it. Instead of ruins, he comes across an untouched sanctuary where black magic remains.
What if the wizard still has adepts?
Marc Haulabois discovers that some rituals prevent anyone from accessing the treasure.
He decides to build a team of adventurers ready to take any risk in order to help him get to it.
Are you ready?
Beware, summoning evil forces is not without its dangers…
As some elements of the game may shock young players, this mission is not recommended for children under 15 years old.
In a small town located in the Balkans, a scientist named Raditchkov just created an infinite source of energy.
Amazing! …Or is it?
The DGSE* suspects him of being in contact with multiple arms dealers nearby, and his findings could soon become a tremendous weapon.
Leaving those findings in the wrong hands is impossible!
You have been hired for this specific mission, the world’s stability depends on you!
* French secret services
The puzzles that you will discover in this mission have been imagined for adults, nevertheless children from 12 to 15 years old can play accompanied by an adult.

r e s e r v a t i o n
Select the box corresponding to the desired mission.
You can select multiple boxes at the same time.

Then click on "BOOK" to continue.

Not available
Total cost of a session for a team of 3 to 5 players.


Offer a game session at Quest Factory!

The person who’ll receive it is free to choose the date, time and mission using the card’s gift code.
The gift card will be sent via email to print.
It is valid for a year from purchasing date.

Price of a session for 5 players: 120€

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Q & A
Numbers of players
Quest Factory’s missions are designed for teams from 3 to 5 players.

You are a duo? Book a mission and challenge yourself to a much tougher mission.

You are a team of 6 players? A supplement of 20€ will be charged on the spot.
Age limit
The minimum age to play Balkans Operation is 12 years old along with at least one adult. As a matter of fact, our games are conceived to be played by adults, children that are too young might not fully get the game’s subtleties without being led.

However, players aged 15 and older don’t need adult supervision.

The minimum age to play Cannibal Island is 15 years old since some of the game’s elements could shock the younger ones.
Recommendations regarding pregnant women
The atmosphere and the surprise effects can make pregnant women feel uncomfortable. Therefore we do not recommend our missions to pregnant women.
Fees vary depending on the reservation’s day and time.
Booking :
1- Select the box of the desired mission. You can select multiple boxes at the same time if you wish.
2- If the chosen box(es) is(are) correct, click on the “BOOK” button to continue. If the chosen box(es) is(are) incorrect, click on it once more to cancel the selection.

If you are having any trouble booking your session, feel free to contact us.
You will able to pay online thanks to our secured transaction platform just after booking your session.

Quest Factory offers LIVE recreational activities that have to take place on a certain date/period chosen by the customer himself. Therefore it is impossible to modify or cancel your reservation after booking, in accordance with article 121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code.
Special Events
Team Building :
We receive companies for team building sessions, seminars or just for casual entertainment on a regular basis.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the organization of the team building sessions and other professional events.
No worries about actually getting stuck in the room. The emergency button located near the door will allow you to open it and go out anytime.
We would also like to point out that we are making sure that you are safe through a sound and video surveillance system throughout the whole session. However we do not store the footage.
Length of a game
No need to arrive early on the day of your mission, we expect you on time! Being late will shorten the duration of your mission.

The whole experience within the room lasts 1 hour 30 minutes, including 1 hour of actual playing, 15 minutes of reception and introduction and 15 minutes of debriefing after escaping the room.

For example, your reservation is scheduled at 14h00 for the Balkans Operation:
14h00 - arriving time and introduction
14h15 - beginning of your mission
15h15 - end of your mission and debriefing
15h30 - end of your mission and debriefing
Any particular knowledge is not necessary in order to participate. Search the room, gather clues, communicate, and cooperate when resolving puzzles within the given timeframe and you are free!

Each room has the same difficulty level, only the atmosphere varies depending on it.

Do you feel more like a secret agent to succeed in the Balkans Operation or more like an adventurer to escape Cannibal Island? It is up to you… Regardless of you being an expert or a beginner, our mission suit everybody.
The game is suitable for players with visual or hearing disabilities. However, due to some puzzle’s specificity, we do recommend having at least one member that has not any physical disability.

Because our first mission is located in the basement, we are, at the moment, not able to receive players with wheelchairs. But a second room will soon be opened on the ground floor, allowing us to receive more players.
Our missions are available in French and in English. While booking, just let us know by selecting the EN box.

Booking can only be done via our website.

Our website shows you the available sessions for each mission (availabilities are updated on a daily basis) in order for you to book one our multiple sessions at the same time.
Cancelling or modifying a reservation
Quest factory being a live event and in accordance with article 121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, it is impossible to cancel a reservation after confirmation.
Offering a session
If you want to share this experience with friends, you can find our gift card offers through the “gift card” tab. The date and time of the session can be chosen later on by the person who received the gift card. Gift cards are valid one year from purchasing date.
Bachelor/ Bachelorette party
You have a birthday or a bachelor/ bachelorette party coming soon? There are plenty of occasions to spend an intense hour with friends or family!
Feel free to contact us in order for us to comply at best with your wishes regarding your event.
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